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New Poetry by Karl Leon

Local writer and poet Karl Leon has submitted these two new poems for you to read.


The big blue of sky meeting sea

and how it’s supposed to impress me

when I already met the blue of your heart

as it pumps not for anything other than life.

My lifestyle is set in this very aspect of living

where the roads are simple and winding

as they carve a path to the empathetic nature,

the blue of your heart pumping away.

A child holding the severe secret against me;

that that might sever my severance to life

baron of all but the blue of your heart as it goes through its castrations of humanity.


The story just changed sorry,

it’s no longer about you and me

there’s a tomorrow that we have

to think about in the midst of all the passion

that today has in store.

I can ride for you and us

in the middle of fantasy and love

but where does the ride end;

reality begins where we have things like family to consider amongst the mix of families that already exist.

I like a flat tire because it gives us time

to bond around a common issue

where it’s just us and simple instruction, kilometers away from a new home

where we find more.

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