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The Consultant

Being the Daughter of the Demented Poet

Eyes as Big as Plates

This is a recording of an online Artist talk by creative duo Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen .  The creative duo delivered this talk as part of an online artist gathering of over 100 artists. The pair talk about their practice and their photographic exhibition Eyes as Big as Plates which was shown at An Lanntair Arts centre.

Caught in This Moment of Time

By Ron Coleman

My name is Ron Coleman and I am an aspiring play writer I am mentored in my work by Laura Cameron Lewis as part of the An Lanntair mentoring program. I also suffer from memory problems and have been told I have a cognitive impairment. This play was premiered at An Lanntair Stornoway Isle of Lewis in September 2019 and was for me one of the best moments of my life. The play uses humour to explore the relationship between a man with dementia and his artificial intelligence system Alexa. it is based on my own relationship with Ai and during lockdown we worked to turn the stage version into a radio play hope we hope you enjoy it. 

Beàrnaraigh by Luthia and Lewis Landini

A film made at Black Bay Studios by Luthia and Lewis Landini.

Beàrnaraigh is a union of live music, performance and moving image, exploring light, time and place and its relationship with our work.

Time Lapse drawing by Jonathan Macdonald

This video piece was created by Jonathan MacDonald. He made a time lapse video where you can see one of his fantastic illustrations emerge from the page.  Jonathan's intricately-penned illustrations depict a beautiful and chaotic world of colour and form.  If you would like to find out more about Jonathan and his work you can read an interview with him here on the blog page.


'All That I Do' by Tom Hickman

This is a well crafted video piece about artist Tom Hickman and his exhibition ' All That I Make ' By Finlay Olley who was on a placement at An Lanntair from Sir E Scott school.  This a video piece that captures the spirit of the exhibition as being well an excellent first video.

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