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'a few notes' from Andrea Ingram

It’s alright, I’m still here hunkered down in our little North Tolsta hovel enjoying the quietude and the weather. The only thing with this strange time is that I have been feeling a tad unmotivated arty-wise. The thought of blundering around in my little darkroom while the sun shines outside is not my idea of fun. So, I have been sorting the negatives – yes I do use film in the main. To be totally honest I’m not very good with filing negs. Or filing anything really. When I had a nice office [and a proper job] I’d layer the papers up on top of the desk and if the bicycles [yes, bicycles and tandems actually – I worked as coach at a Velodrome] leaning on said desk knocked anything off which fell on the floor and if no-one asked for it in the next week it would find it’s way to the bin. Seemed to work too.

Five minutes of filing and I’m bored so I have been researching. You know the sort of thing – browsing the t’internet looking for stuff artywise. Of course I found some things. Nice things too. Like the interesting London based photographist . I really like this sort of imagery for some unknown reason I can’t quite put my finger on. Makes me feel like I could do something interesting I suppose.

The camera – or the plastic thing I bought for 50p about 15 years ago – has been out with me loaded with some cheap as chips [cheaper in fact] cinematic copy film. I pointed it at things too, pressing the everso fragile shutter button with all the conviction of a less than enthused photographist. I developed the film too – finding I did have a snap or two from the lack of effort.

Yes, yes I know it’s almost in focus. That’s the sort of thing I do these days – on the edge of focus.

There’s nothing quite like pushing at one’s boundaries. This was snapped in the village though.

I have a project on the go as well. I have had time to think about it over the last few weeks and I’m almost at the final planning stage before I bother to think about the actual images I am going to make. Note ‘make’ not take. That’s how I think I am an Artiste.

The sun is a problem for me in my own arriviste way. I prefer my snaps dark and mysterious – so mysterious no-one know what they are of. I did, and I apologise profusely here, use my phone camera once or twice to show people I’m alive and the like. I shall do the requisite penances soon.

Since this is quick and dirty blog posts I shall link to some proper stuff to look at;

Leonard Misonne – wonderful Belgian pictorialist photographer

The wonderful world of photographist Igor Posner.

stay safe

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