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A short note from the KidDino

Hello isolated brothers and sisters,

I hope that this little Blog post finds you all in good health both mentally and physically.

Way back at the start of the lockdown, when I knew I wouldn’t be back at my ‘normal’ job till at least the end of June; I felt exceptionally motivated to begin writing, producing and recording reams of Music. The problem with this was that the aforementioned enthusiasm was coupled by a sense of impending dread and worry about our predicament as a species and how this pandemic would impact my family and myself.

I managed to push through and spent several hours over three days recording and producing a demo version of an instrumental song I had written some years ago…

…This was over 5 weeks ago, and I’ve hardly touched a musical instrument since then (I did manage to achieve a day of guitar maintenance, cleaning and polishing parts which should have been dealt with moons ago then restring them all). The only time I’ve played my guitars or sang recently is during my Girlfriends Family Zoom soirees the past two Saturdays, but simply because I was asked to.

In order to attempt to fix this lull in inventiveness, I ordered an innovative song-writing tool called ‘Chord_Files’; and as luck, or chance, or whatever we may call it, it arrived today! I’m truly excited to begin experimenting and learning using this new hands on implement, hoping that it lights my creative spark once more.

I’m also hoping that this short post can help anyone else who is struggling with their muse in their artistic fields, to look outside our homes and current lifestyles, to outward forms of creative expressional help such as the little piece of cardboard with the big dreams and songs it may have attached to it that I have just received.

All the best - always,

Peace, love and jammy dodgers,

Richy McKendrick

Attached to this Blog is the demo of the song I mentioned at the start of the Blog, it’s called ‘Dystopioid Lullabies’, I hope you enjoy it, catch you on the flip side.

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