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Australia 2020 By Katie Harris-Macleo

At the end of 2019, I decided to leave the Hebrides and come back to Australia. I spent most of my

childhood going too and from both places and as a result have felt incredibly lucky but also very torn

between two extremely different parts of the world.

Over the course of 2020 I have been based in a beautiful part of South East, Queensland called

Gubbi Gubbi/ Kabi Kabi country otherwise known as, the Sunshine Coast.

The mountains are so close to the coastline (much like that of the Hebrides) here I have been able to,

despite the chaos of this year, explore and fully immerse myself into this landscape, responding to it

in a way that feels true to myself and to my practice.

I have begun to study and document the flora/ fauna of this region, through film photography, making

inks from foraged plant matter, extracting pigment from rocks and earth becoming, ‘Earth Works’; An

intimate exploration of landscape and self.

Interacting with this landscape has allowed my work to become fluid and intuitive, creating a deeper

understanding of place and who I am within the context of this landscape.

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