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BEYOND,FVU film making opportunity.

Through this call for entries we are looking for proposals for new moving image works that are made with minimal equipment, crew, and space. At present, due to the current situation with COVID-19, selected artists will have to adhere to UK government guidelines. This opportunity is open to all artists currently based in the UK. In this edition, up to four artists will receive a £2,500 fee/budget, as well as remote production and curatorial support, across a two-month period. The final works will be streamed on FVU’s website and digital channels. 


BEYOND is a new online commissioning initiative from Film and Video Umbrella. Initially intended to support a number of artists through the immediate challenges of the present moment, this new and evolving strand of FVU’s activities also aspires to be forward-thinking and future-facing – an opportunity for artists to look beyond the parameters of the here-and-now (whatever they may be), and towards a wider and more expansive horizon.

For the time being, at least, the desire to travel beyond the view from the window or far outside the confines of our own four walls may have to remain an act of the imagination.  As long as public health guidelines on social distancing stay in place, film productions that require the physical proximity of different participants (even small numbers of cast or crew) will continue to be off limits. But artists’ film has always embraced different models of working – many of them uniquely self-contained and self-sufficient. From the solitary, incremental art of digital or hand-drawn animation, to the creative recycling and repurposing of ‘found’ or archive material, artists have always made the most of finite resources, pushed the envelope of what is possible, and championed the virtues of the self-made and self-shot.

Film and Video Umbrella wants to continue to support these experimental practices in these most difficult of times, and will offer a number of commissions to individual applicants to create new moving-image works for online presentation.

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