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Sap Works is an intimate study of the interwoven connectivity’s between bodies of trees and human beings, specifically the female body. This work intricately studies Bloodwood trees and the sap that they excrete by mapping stressed Bloodwood trees across the Sunshine Coast region and stress within my own body. These ‘stress exchanges’ become a series of intimate durational and ritualistic performances, derived from my ancestral lineage to Celtic/ Gaelic culture, landscape and language. Enigmatic sap pigment drawings are captured on translucent handmade paper, a poetic exchange between body and tree. Ogham, is the ancient Celtic language of the trees, and it is this ancestral knowledge that has been the conduit connecting me to this landscape. Sap Works is a process of reconnecting and understanding. Cross cultural narratives give meaning to my transitory belonging.

Concept: Dialogue with a bleeding Bloodwood tree: Listen to the tree, sit beneath her, speak with her, hear how she responds. Tree mother. #tree embodiment #bloodwood tree #language of trees #earth poem #sap works

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