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We Heart Stories

Once upon a time there was a child octopus called Potty who was one year old. Potty always felt happy. He had a mummy and a daddy, he lived with them and all his many octopus brothers and sisters. Potty even had TWO families, one octopus and one human.

Potty lived in a lovely little house in the country called the Leaky Cauldron. Inside the house, the walls looked like a Moon in outer space. It had a kitchen and a bedroom and three bunk beds. Only potty and his family could see Leaky Cauldron because only magic people could see it. Potty was a very special octopus because he could walk. Even when he was a baby he could walk. His favourite thing to do in the country was EVERYTHING! His second favourite thing to do was going out for walks. When he was walking in the country he saw lots of moons because It’s a magic country.

One day as Potty was leaving his house to see his friends he saw a crying flower. The crying flower told Potty about a magic potion that helped her grow, without the potion she started to die. The potion was like the flower’s petals. She had been carrying the potion all her life and the night before, someone stole it from her. She forgot to protect the potion before she went to sleep. The flower said: “If you get the potion from Antarctica by sunset, I will live again.” Potty said, “my friend is in Antarctica they can help us!” Potty felt sad for the flower.

Potty got to Antarctica and he felt really happy to see his friend. Tina was a dragon and also a witch. She liked to fly around on her broomstick because she hadn’t learnt how to fly with her wings. Tina was a Night Fury and she was nice. There were other dragons who were not nice. Tina told Potty that the potion was high up in the sky. The person who stole it could fly very high in the air. They had to go to the top of the sky to get it back.

Tina the dragon could fly and also swim in freezing water. She flew up high in the air and saw Millie – a flying cat. The flying cat had taken the potion by accident. She just borrowed the potion and didn’t mean to steal it. Potty felt surprised Millie had borrowed the potion. So Tina made some new potion for Millie and Potty, so everyone had enough. Potty used his tentacles to make an invisible rainbow. It was only invisible when someone walked on it, it was made of glass but it couldn’t ever break. He took the potion and did lots of little jumps along the rainbow until he got back to Leaky Cauldron.

The flower was feeling so happy that she became The Sun. Now she had her potion, she could rise up in the sky. Millie and Tina were best friends. They lived in Leaky Cauldron with Potty. There were four bunk beds and one normal bed in the house so everyone could sleep there, even the flower when she wanted to but normally the Sun Flower slept in the sky on a fluffy cloud pillow. Potty felt really, really HAPPY. To this day, The Sun Flower smiles in the sky. – THE END

I feel the story above, and the many others I have completed, speak for themselves. They deserve consistently excellent artwork and I’ve reached the limit of my capabilities.

We Heart Stories is a creative mentoring experience for young children and their parents. I remotely connect with storytellers from 3-11 years old and mentor them through making their own storybook.

I would like to take the artwork to the next level by partnering with someone who has a complimentary craft. This is a commercial opportunity for a visual artist to partner in a growing enterprise. Currently I see the best fit as a digital illustrator with a graphic design skillset, but I will speak with anyone interested.

If you love this story, if you feel you can bring it to life, I would like to hear from you. Please get in touch.

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